benefits of persimmon

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Benefits of Persimmon


Persimmons must be bought with suitable colouring, without greenish colours. The fruit must be intact, with the calyx.The fruit must be of yellow to orange colour, according to the varieties. The size also determines the quality of the produce; the larger fruit is better. It must be free of cracks, mechanical damages and rotting. The percentage of soluble solids must be of 2123% for the variety Hachiya and of 1820% for the variety Fuyu and similar nonastringent varieties. There is no specific European standard for kakis, although there is a generic one for fruit and vegetables.

High blood pressure
From a nutritional point
Protect from Ageing
Carbs Protein and Fat
Coughing up phlegm and asthma
Preventing heart disease
Protect from Common Disease
Postharvest Problems
Stress tiredness and fatigue
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