benefits of persimmon

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Popular Tradition

Benefits of Persimmon

Popular Tradition

Different parts of the persimmon are used for medicinal purposes: the fruit, the leaves, the tree bark or even the flowers. It lowers the blood pressure, it relieves cough and prevents arteriosclerosis, among many other properties. When it is unripe, it contains a great amount of iodine, that helps to relieve goitre. In the last few years it has been stated that kakis leaves are good to lower the pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, purify the blood and lubricate the intestine. Besides, the persimmon is a tranquillizer, it stimulates the corporal fluids and calms the thirst. It fortifies the spleen, it fights diarrhoea, blood in faeces and haemorrhoids. The flowers are used to treat measles, whereas the bark of the tree is used to cure burns. Kakis are suitable for weak and depressed people, thanks to their content in vitamins of group B.

Nutrition and Eating
Low Calories fruit
Side Effect of Persimmon Fruit
Protect from Common Disease
Natural energizer
Improve Digestive system
Source of Iron and Calcium
Carbs Protein and Fat
From a nutritional point
Coughing up phlegm and asthma
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