benefits of persimmon

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Benefits of Persimmon


Persimmon is a deep orange, waxy fruit which is similar to a tomato in shape. Persimmons which have darkcolored flesh are always sweet and nonastringent and should be eaten before they become too soft. Varieties with lightcolored flesh have astringent taste until they soften. The astringent taste is due to the presence of a large amount of tannin, the same substance found in tea. As the fruit ripens and sweetens the tannin disappears. Ripening can take place just as well off the tree as on.

Carbs Protein and Fat
Origin and Production
Strengthens immunity
Keeping the Body to Keep Slim
Promotes Weight Loss
Natural energizer
Cancer fighting
A good friend for those on a weight loss journey
High in Vitamin C
Low Calories fruit
Detoxify Body
Types and Varieties of Persimmon
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