benefits of papayas

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Tree of Life

Benefits of Papayas

Tree of Life

Papaya enjoys a rich history, and has been used since very long for medicinal uses in day to day life. The Mayans used to worship papaya trees and called it theTree of Life. It is said to be one of the favourite fruits of Christopher Columbus. The story goes that when his crew landed in America after a long sea voyage on meager meal, the native people welcomed them with extravagant feast, which caused digestive problems. The natives took the voyagers to the forest and offered them papaya and they got cured.The leaves, seeds and the milk of the papaya tree are used to cure intestinal problems and kill intestinal worms and parasites.

Helps ease menstrual pain
Protection against Macular Degeneration
Excellent source ofVitamin A
Papayas and Latex Allergy
Protection Against Heart Disease
Asthma prevention
How to Store
Good for diabetics
Intestinal Disorders
Papaya Seeds Worms and Other Parasitic Infections
Papaya Seeds as a Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis
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