benefits of papayas

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Papaya juice works efficiently as an anti inflammatory drink

Benefits of Papayas

Papaya juice works efficiently as an anti inflammatory drink

Enzymes found in papaya juice, specifically papain and chymopapain, are known to lower inflammation in the body. It also speeds up the healing from burns through this enzymes by breaking down the skins inactive proteins and reducing the dead tissue from the burns. Other helpful substances in papaya include Vitamins C and E which are also useful as an antiinflammatory agent and in treating other kinds of diseases such as osteoarthritis and asthma. It is also helpful in treating skin injuries and ailments such as warts, psoriasis, and ringworm.

Kidney disorder andPapaya
Immune Support
Morning Sickness and Papaya
Antidote for hypertension
Constipation and Papaya
Papaya Seed Benefits
Boosts your immunity
InDepth Nutritional Profile
Protection Against Heart Disease
Treats Gastric Problems and Indigestion
Asthma prevention
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