benefits of papayas

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Liver cancer and Papaya juice

Benefits of Papayas

Liver cancer and Papaya juice

As it has antiproliferativeeffect on liver cancer cellsit stops or slows down the growth of the cancer cells of liver and helps in its cure.Papaya acts as an antidote for hypertension. This is one of the most popular health benefits of papaya. The rich amount of potassium in papaya helps keeping the blood pressure in check along with improving the mental alertness.

Spleen Enlargement
Culinary Uses of Papaya Seeds
Papaya and Green Tea Team Up to Prevent Prostate Cancer
Osteoporosis and Papaya
It is a good anti aging fruit
Papaya gives you glowing skin
Promotes Digestive Health
Great for your eyes
Protection against Macular Degeneration
Heart disease
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Prevents Heart Stroke
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