benefits of papayas

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How to Enjoy

Benefits of Papayas

How to Enjoy

Mix diced papaya, cilantro, jalapeno peppers and ginger together to make a unique salsa that goes great with shrimp, scallops and halibut.Sprinkle papaya with fresh lime juice and enjoy as is.Slice a small papaya lengthwise and fill with fruit salad.In a blender, combine papaya, strawberries and yogurt for a cold soup treat.

Helps ease menstrual pain
Antibacterial Properties
Papaya Seeds as a Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis
Anti ageing and Papaya
Throat Disorders
Lowers cholesterol
Papaya Seeds Worms and Other Parasitic Infections
InDepth Nutritional Profile
Intestinal Disorders
Skin and Papaya
Papaya and Green Tea Team Up to Prevent Prostate Cancer
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