benefits of papayas

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Colon and Papaya

Benefits of Papayas

Colon and Papaya

Its juice helps incuring infections of the colonby clearing the pus and mucus from it. You need to take it regularly to heal quickly. Papaya is also fruitful for treating the dark spots. The application of mashed and uneaten papaya with or without milk on your face can help in removing the dark spots and evens out the skin tone which results into a fairer and glowing skin.

Papaya Seed Benefits
What is Papaya
Protects against arthritis
Throat Disorders
It heals wounds and prevents from blood clots
It is a good anti aging fruit
Intestinal Worms and Papaya
Excellent source ofVitamin A
Antidote for hypertension
Dengue Treatment and Papaya
Skin and Papaya
Papaya seeds cure for piles and thyphoid fever
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