benefits of oranges

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Antioxidant Protection and Immune Support

Benefits of Oranges

Antioxidant Protection and Immune Support

Oranges are an excellent source ofvitamin Cbut do you know just how important vitamin C and oranges are for good health? Vitamin C is the primary watersoluble antioxidant in the body, disarming free radicals and preventing damage in the aqueous environment both inside and outside cells. Inside cells, a potential result of free radical damage to DNA is cancer. Especially in areas of the body where cellular turnover is especially rapid, such as the digestive system, preventing DNA mutations translates into preventing cancer.

Orange fruit and cross section
Tips for Preparing Oranges
Heart health
Lowers Risk of Disease
Makes the Skin beautiful and Young Looking
Relieves Constipation
Lower Risk of Disease
A Very Good Source of Fiber
Oranges for Weight Loss
A Glass of Orange Juice More Protective
Protection Against Rheumatoid Arthritis
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