benefits of onions

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Improvement of blood sugar balance

Benefits of Onions

Improvement of blood sugar balance

Onions have shown potential for improvement of blood sugar balance, even though it is not yet clear about the carry over of these benefits for humans who are seeking better blood sugar balance from their diet. The word onion comes from the Latin word unio, which means single, or one reflecting of the onion plant producing a single bulb, unlike its cousin, the garlic, that produces many small bulbs. The name also describes the onion bulb when cut down the middle; it is a union (also from unio) of many separate, concentrically arranged layers.

Use for Snake Bite
Help in removing moles
Improve digestive system
Use in Digestion Problems
Red Onions
Treatment of Dark Spots and Pigmentation
Onions can be added to salads
Cure in insomnia
Cancer Protection
Vitamin C
Green Onions or Spring Onions
Increases insulin in the body
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