benefits of onions

Onions have anti biotic

Benefits of Onions

Onions have anti biotic
Onions have anti biotic, antiseptic, antimicrobial and carminative properties to help you stay away from infections. The flavonoids in onion tend to be more concentrated in the outer layers of the flesh. To maximize your health benefits, peel off as little of the fleshy, edible portion as possible when removing the onions outermost paper layer. Even a small amount of overpeeling can result in unwanted loss of flavonoids. For example, a red onion can lose about 20% of its quercetin and almost 75% of its anthocyanins if it is overpeeled.

To Protect Against Heart Failure
Increases insulin in the body
Nutritional Components Of Onions
From Osteoporosis and Atherosclerosis
Use in Dyspepsia
Colon cancers
Get rid of lice and hair fall
Use in Heat Stroke or Sunstroke
Use in Baldness
Can cure burnt skin
Treatment of Dark Spots and Pigmentation
Use in Acidity
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