benefits of mustard seeds

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Tips for Preparing and Cooking

Benefits of Mustard Seeds

Tips for Preparing and Cooking

Mustard seeds or mustard powder can be used as a condiment in a variety of dishes. Mustard seeds can be used as is or can be roasted in a skillet.You can easily make your own mustard condiment by first macerating the seeds in wine, vinegar or water. Grind them into a smooth paste, adding herbs and spices such as tarragon, turmeric, garlic, pepper, paprika or any others that you prefer to give your homemade mustard its own unique taste.

Effects on health
Fights skin infections
Dietary fibre
Warming and stimulating
Black Mustard
Source of brain boosting
Relieves Muscle Pains
Hair growth and Strengthens hair
Respiration congestion and Nightshades
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