benefits of mint leaf

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Benefits of Mint Leaf


Mint is an aromatic herb that originated in Asia and the Mediterranean region. Nutritionally, mint is rich in many vitamins and minerals. It has also been used medicinally to aid digestion and as a healing compound. Although most people only use a small amount of herbs in cooking, nutritional benefits of mint and other herbs can add up.There are many varieties of mint, including the most popularpeppermint and spearmint. In general, the flavor of mint is sweet and cooling.

Nausea and headaches
Minty Salad Dressing and Spice up your tuna
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Respiratory Disorders and Coughs
Fights aches and pains
Helps relieve cough and asthma
Female Sterility
Digestive System
Relieves indigestion
Oral Care
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