benefits of jalapeno

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Potassium and folic acid

Benefits of Jalapeno

Potassium and folic acid

Jalapenos are a good source of Vitamin A, C and E, Potassium and folic acid. They are very low on calories and sodium and have no carbohydrates. Capsaicin also has healing properties. Along with that, it can also regulate your blood pressure. As mentioned before, it is great for the heart. It curbs your appetite and helps you lose weight. It stop blood clots as well. Capsaicin is found to have stopped ulcers. Although misunderstood over the years, Jalapeno peppers do not cause ulcers. Not only do they stop ulcers, but also kill bacteria and stimulates the cells of the stomach lining to secrete buffering, protective juices. Not only that, it increases the oxygen level in your blood.

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Helps your blood system
Jalapeno peppers nutrition facts
High Blood Pressure
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Vitamins and Minerals
Calories Fat Protein and Carbohydrates
Potassium and folic acid
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