benefits of iceberg lettuce

Benefits of Iceberg lettuce

41. Omega3 fatty acids
With a 2:1 ratio of Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids, lettuce is really beneficial for maintaining a good overall health. iceberg has less nutrients than leaf lettuce, and people of today being more healthconscience, more and more are switching to leaf lettuce to maximize their vitamin and mineral intake.
42. Alkaline formation and detoxification
The minerals found in lettuce help in alkaline formation which is accompanied by the removal of toxins from the body. Mixing greens is a good way of maintaining that moist, crispiness without sacrificing nutrition. A salad made with one part iceberg and one part romaine along with other salad veggies gives the salad a juicy crispness with the powerful antioxidants found in leaf lettuce.
43. Selection
Proper selection plays a vital role in ensuring that you are buying fresh vegetables. As far as lettuce is concerned, always prefer whole heads of lettuce over loose lettuce leaves as they are fresher and more nutritious. Also ensure that the leaves are crisp, tender and brightly colored. Lettuce can be best enjoyed if it is fresh and crisp. Dark green veggies are great sources of vitamin C, folate, betacarotene, iron, calcium, iron and dietary fiber. Therefore, try to look for dark colored leaves. Lettuce is delicious as long as it is fresh. While shopping for lettuce, you should avoid bunches that are limp, wilting, brownish or have rust, spots or holes on them.
44. Tips for Usage
The dark, richly colored varieties of lettuce such as dark green, red or purple ones are the richest in nutritional value indicated by the presence of vitamin A and other antioxidants such as carotenoids and lutein, which is why it is considered as one of the worlds most popular vegetables.
45. Eating
Lettuce is mostly eaten raw so before serving remove any brown, slimy, wilted or decayed leaves. The leaves should be washed thoroughly and dried to remove any dirt or insects. Lettuce is most commonly used in salads by regular lettuce eaters. Given below are certain tips for preparing lettuce before serving it in the form of salad.
46. Cooking
Apart from being eaten in salads, lettuce can also be cooked and made in dishes that can serve as a delightful treat. Being crisp, mild, soft and buttery lettuce can suit all tastes and form part of many dishes, making them more interesting.
47. Selecting Iceberg Lettuce
Select the iceberg lettuce that is fairly large, and has moderate firm head, that give in to gentle pressure.Make sure the lettuce has thick leaves. The leaves can be of medium to light green color, blending to nearly white rib or veins.You can scratch the stalk and smell, if the lettuce smells sweet then it will taste sweet. The lettuce that smells bitter will taste bitter.Make sure you avoid lettuce which has thin wilted leaves or leaves that have brown spots.
48. Shredded
Shredded lettuce is sometimes easier to use then the leafy version. Shredded lettuce is also more appealing to children. This form of the vegetable is best when used in things like tacos. It adds texture and fiber to an easy meal. Besides the traditional kind, there are several types of tacos that can be topped with lettuce including carnitas tacos, fish tacos, or even a taco salad. Shredded lettuce is also an attractive topping to nachos and can add a dash of color as well as health.
49. The Wedge
This is a popular way to enjoy iceberg lettuce. The wedge is just that, a cut out wedge portion of a head of iceberg lettuce. The wedge is a type of salad that is served in restaurants or can be made at home. Typically, a salad like this is topped with blue cheese dressing. Sometimes, consumers also will add chopped bacon bits. These little pieces may taste good but are not good for dieting and nutritional purposes. Other healthier topping ideas include nuts, chopped tomatoes, or sunflower seeds.
50. Sandwiches
Iceberg lettuce is a popular sandwich topping for any type from club to ham or even tuna. It adds crunch and helps to fill up the person eating the sandwich. Another interesting way to use the leaves of lettuce is to replace the bread from any sandwich. This can avoid the consumption of extra or unwanted carbohydrates that may be found in the bread. The leafy green can also be used as a wrap or hamburger bun.

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