benefits of hair straightening

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Benefits of Hair Straightening


Use the dryer and straightener occasionally and sparingly. Make sure your hair is conditioned, dry and you should also coat it with heat protective product before you use a straightening iron. Make certain that the iron is not too hot and apply it to hair in small portions. It is better to move the iron gently down the hair and then leave it slowly. If the outcome is below your satisfaction level, you can follow the process all over again. But never ever stop the iron on any part of the hair.

Precautionary methods
Straightened natural hair can look just as gorgeous
Before using a hair straightener
Adjustable setting
Safest and most effective to work
Heat Protectant
Hair Dryer
Use a high quality flat iron
How Big a Risk Are Hair Straighteners
Hair Damage from Straightening Yes or No
How to Straighten Hair
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