benefits of guava

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What is Guava

Benefits of Guava

What is Guava

Guava is a tropical edible fruit, native to central America, it is known to some as the sand plum. The fruit grows on the guava tree, which reaches 8 meters,is oval,and round. The diameter of the fruit species varies between 3 to 12 cm, even its color varies from dark green, white or rose. There are several species of guavas, but the fragrant taste, and appearance differ. Known for its medicinal properties, the fruit of the guava tree whose pulp is used in the manufacturing of cosmetic care lotions for the face and body because it hold a variety of substances, which include sugars, vitamins, minerals, which are extremely important for the hydration, the regeneration and the protection of the skin. The flesh is juicy and fragrant. It contains an extraordinary richness in vitamin C and also contains carotene and antioxidants beneficial for skin health. During the spring, in New York, the pink guava is a tropical fruit that beautifies the skin. It allows the skin to regain its radiance and freshness. It is also useful for the health of the skin and is also a complete treatment to regenerate damaged skin. The face scrub of the pink guava removes impurities and gives skin a fresh and invigorated feeling.

Has anti ageing properties for your skin
Folate Content
Treatment of Skin Problems
High blood pressure
Helps your body use key vitamins
Improves Complexion
Weight loss
Guava leaf health benefits
Nutrition facts guava
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