benefits of guava

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Nutrition facts guava

Benefits of Guava

Nutrition facts guava

Guavas are rich in many vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Guava contains an antioxidantvitamin E which helps preventing tissue damage from free radicals, and protects your body by releasing toxins. It is packed with nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamins C, A andB, folic acid, fiber, beta carotene, lycopene, phosphorous, iron, folate, flavonoids, isoflavonoids, polyphenols, etc.

Helps your body use key vitamins
Improves your hormonal function
Natural Skin Toner
Diarrhea and dysentery
Brain Health
What is Guava
Lowers risk of cancer
Helps bring about healthy thyroid gland
Guava juice
Skin Hydration
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