benefits of guava

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Colon Cancer

Benefits of Guava

Colon Cancer

Guava contains dietary fats which help to clean toxins from the colon. Thus it reduces the effects of toxin in the colon and protect from colon cancer. guava (Psidium guajava) is a fruit which is wellliked for its unique taste and flavor. Bursting with nutrients and antioxidants, this fruit fits perfectly into the category of super fruits. When ripe, guava has a creamy texture and gives out a sweet and musky aroma. The color of the flesh may vary from pink to yellow to red. Inside the flesh you can find numerous tiny seeds that are also edible. Guava juice is enjoyed as a delicious drink in many parts of the world. All parts of the fruit including the rind and seeds are edible and highly nutritious too.

Medicinal benefits of guavas
Treatment of Skin Problems
What is Guava
Increase Blood production
Good for pregnant mothers
High levels of vitamin C in guavas
Treatment of Acne and Dark Spots
Treatment of Blackheads and Skin Itchiness
Manganese Richness
Guava leaf health benefits
Helps you relax
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