benefits of green chillis

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Protection Against Cancer

Benefits of Green chillis

Protection Against Cancer

Green chillies are rich sources of antioxidants and this makes them act like janitors of the body. They can protect the body against free radical damage giving you natural immunity to cancer and also slowing down the ageing process. Everybody who has ever tried a green chili is familiar with the mild bitterness and intense, sinusclearing heat, but a lesser known fact is the myriad of health benefits that green chilies provide to those who consume them. Rich in vitamins and low in fat and cholesterol, green chilies are a super food with super flavor. The heat that the capsaicin provides is even a health benefit, so when you feel the heat, you know its working. Available fresh, dried, ground, canned or pickled, there are a number of ways to enjoy the taste and health benefits of green chilies.

Nutritional Value of Green Chili
Increasing blood flow
Bone Care
Green chiliis a staple of Indian and South American diets
Chillies are also good in Bcomplex group of vitamins
Safe and effectivetopicalanalgesicagent
Low in fat and contains the right kind of fat
Green chillis
It helps dissolve blood clots and aids in digestion
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