benefits of fenugreek seeds and leaves

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Ease womens health problems

Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves

Ease womens health problems

Fenugreek contains compounds like diosgenin and isoflavones with oestrogen like properties which help reduce symptoms like discomfort and menstrual cramps associated with PMS. These compounds also ease menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and mood fluctuations. Women are more prone to iron deficiency during adolescence (initiation of menstrual periods), during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Including green leafy veggies like fenugreek (methi) in your diet can supply a good amount of iron.

Fenugreek Leaves Benefits
Fenugreek seeds for Health
Cure for acne or blackheads and wrinkles
Bowel problems
Reduce the oiliness of our skin
Heart problems and blood lipids
Substitutes for Fenugreek
Maintains healthy Testosterone Levels
Thyroid Hormones
Natural remedy
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