benefits of fennel seeds

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Benefits of Fennel Seeds

71. Widely used in Greek cooking
Fennel leaves are widely used in Greek cooking both as an herb and as a green. Large quantities are added to stews and ragouts, as well as fricassee dishes and fritters. Fennel is generally used to flavor meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes, and is also an ingredient in delicious savory pies (pites).
72. Physical characteristics
Fennel leaves look a lot like fresh dill. The stalks have small feathery dark green leaves. Fennel is a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean region, and grows in the wild in most temperate climate regions. Fennel has a definite anise (or licorice) flavor.
73. At the market
The most commonly used fennel leaves in Greek cooking are fresh, sold in bunches or attached to the root. It is sometimes sold under the name "anise" because of the similarity in tastes, but anise and fennel are different. Dried fennel leaves, flowers, and seeds are also available, packaged in a variety of containers.

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