benefits of cumin

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Benefits of Cumin

81. Properties
cumin seed is an appetizer, eliminates formation of excessive wind humor and bile humor. It cures enlargement of skin and colic in stomach. Cumin seed strengthens the stomach, liver and intestines. It eliminates the worms, which are present in the intestines. It also cures flatulation, stomachache etc. Cumin seed is very beneficial for a woman after childbirth.
82. According to Ayurveda
According to Ayurveda, each food has at least one of six tastes or rasas: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. We require each taste in our diet.
83. Attenuates all your stomachic problems
Cumin essential oil is known for its pitta enhancing properties that are responsible for metabolism and body temperature. With the Sanskrit name Jiraka, which literally means digestion, Cumin seed oil enhances the metabolism and alleviates all kinds of digestive disorders.
84. Helps in alleviating womanly concerns
As a natural stimulant, Cumin seed oil induces and regulates the secretion of hormones and enzymes especially in women. Flavonoids and monoterpenes present in this oil have an estrogenic effect that corrects hormonal imbalances and cures blocked menses and irregularities in the menstrual cycle.
85. Detoxifies the body
Cumin seed oil aids in increasing the quantity and frequency of urinating. It is for this important reason, it is often recommended for people with high pressure and rheumatism. It aids in cleansing the system by reducing the bad cholesterol, fatty acids, urea and acid levels in the body.
86. Alleviates the respiratory tract infections
Cumin seed oil helps in treating common cold, bronchitis, asthma, coughs and other respiratory tract infections, which are caused by excess of kapha dosha causing phlegm and mucus deposits to block the nasal passages, bronchial tubes and the respiratory tract.
87. Soothes the mind and strengthens the intellectual power
Cumin seed oil is a natural relaxant and with its unique aroma, this oil instills a calming effect on the mind and it acts as an effective stress reducer. The presence of rich nutrients and other therapeutic chemical constituents make Cumin seed oil a powerhouse of energy that reinforces your mind and relaxes your body and results in sound sleep.
88. Cumin Drink as a substitute for water
Cumin seed water is very common in Kerala. Even in all hotels, they serve only cumin seed water instead of ordinary water for consuming. Consuming this boosts the immune system of the body. Take about a teaspoon of cumin seeds and boil it in about 5 litres of water. Allow it to cool. This is consumed instead of normal water.
89. Rejuvenative
Cumin seeds provide vitality to the body when taken regularly. It also brings freshness to the body. Take cumin spice in powdered form along with palm candy for good results.
90. Sleep Inducer
Those who suffer from lack of sleep can consume cumin spice on a regular basis. The essential vitamins and the enhanced digestion produced by them make sure that you get good night

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