benefits of cucumber

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High fiber

Benefits of Cucumber

High fiber

Cucumber peel is a very good source of dietary fiber. It helps to reduce constipation and indigestion and prevents stomach related diseases by eliminating toxic compounds from the gut. cucumber phytonutrients known to provide anti-cancer benefits are its lignans. The lignans pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and secoisolariciresinol have all been identified within cucumber. Interestingly, the role of these plant lignans in cancer protection involves the role of bacteria in our digestive tract. When we consume plant lignans like those found in cucumber, bacteria in our digestive tract take hold of these lignans and convert them into enterolignans like enterodiol and enterolactone.

Skin conditions
Beta carotene and vitamin c
Flushes out waste from the body
Stabilizesblood pressure
Stain remover
Puffy eyes
Support Heart Health
Prevents cancer
Hair growth
Cucumber as a Face Pack
Quick pick me up
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