benefits of cauliflower


Benefits of Cauliflower

The average daily recommendation for fiber exceeds 25 grams. Eat some cauliflower and youll be contributing over 3 grams to your daily total, helping cleanse your digestive tract. choose fresh heads featuring snow/creamwhite, compact, even heads that feel heavy in hand. Grainy surface and separate heads indicate over maturity, while greenish coloration may be due to over exposure to sunlight. Avoid heads with bruised surface as they indicate poor handling of the flower and also those with dark color patches as they indicate mold disease known as downy mildew.

Detoxification Support
Rich Calcium Source
Detox Support Provided by Cauliflower
Cauliflower and Purines
Diabetes mellitus
Cauliflowers Antioxidant Benefits
Health power
Cancer prevention for women
Healthy dose of potassium
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