benefits of bay leaf

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What is Bay Leaf

Benefits of Bay Leaf

What is Bay Leaf

It is called Tej Patta in Hindi, Indian bay leaf, Malabar leaf, Indian cassia, Indian cassia bark or Tamala cassia. It is a tough, three veined leaf that is popular in India and used in Indian cooking and for preparing perfumes. It is a small to moderately sized ever green tree. The three veined leaf is elliptical, pointed. smooth and tough. The flavor and fragrance is similar to the cinnamon bark but slightly milder. The leaves are used either fresh, dried (both whole leaves or powdered form. Oil is also extracted (Bay leaf oil) to treat such ailments.

Joint Pains
Propagating Bay Leaf Laurel
Treatment of Dandruff and Hair Loss
Stomach disorders
Bay Leaf Oil
Anti spasmodic
Indonesian Bay Leaf
Cardiovascular Benefits
Traditional Uses
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