benefits of bay leaf

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Benefits of Bay Leaf

41. Safety
Many complementary techniques are practiced by healthcare professionals with formal training, in accordance with the standards of national organizations. However, this is not universally the case, and adverse effects are possible. Due to limited research, in some cases only limited safety information is available.
42. Allergies
Individuals with a known allergy to bay leaf (Laurus nobilis), its constituents, and related plants in the Lauraceae family as well as the Compositae/Asteraceae family should not use bay leaf. Contact dermatitis and occupational asthma have been reported.
43. Side Effects and Warnings
Bay leaf has very few adverse effects, and is likely safe when consumed in amounts used in foods. However, it may cause contact dermatitis and occupational asthma. Bay leaves may become lodged in the gastrointestinal tract, causing tears or blockages. These impacted leaves may also obstruct breathing.
44. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Bay leaf is not recommended in pregnant or breastfeeding women due to lack of available scientific evidence. Bay leaves offer us a healthy dose of vitamins A, C, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, and iron.
45. Digestion
Bay leaves is supposed to be carminative and promoted digestion. It soothes stomach upsets, relives from flatulence. It tones and strengthens stomach functions.
46. Common and Botanical Names
Bay leaves or bay laurel is the common name of the herb. The Botanical name is Cinnamomum tamala or Laurus nobilis and belongs to the family Lauraceae. In Tamil, it is called as Talishappattiri or Ilavankap Pathiri. Common names of Bay Leaves include Indian cinnamon, Tejpatta, Mahpat, Tejpatra, Develee, Tamalapatra, Dalchini ele, Karuvapatta patram, Varanga, Coca, Akupatri, etc
47. Spice
The leaves have a very good aroma and are mainly used as a spice in Indian cooking since ages. The fruits are also used as a flavoring agent in cuisines. Though the leaves are good, it is not essential to consume cooked leaves. They are tough to digest. The essential ingredients get mixed in the food and offer the benefits for the body.
48. Health Enhancer
Bay leaf as a spice has many minerals, vitamins and other essential compounds that are essential for maintaining good health. Fresh leaves contain a lot of Vitamin C and hence have immunity building, wound healing and body resistant properties.
49. Periconception Period Health Benefits
It is necessary that each mother provides sufficient folic acid content to the child. Bay Leaves are rich in Folic Acid and are good to be consumed during the periconception period (approximately 3 months before and after conception period). They make sure that the baby does not have any defects.
50. Joint Pains
The oil extracted from the leaves have great medicinal properties. They are used to treat muscle pain, rheumatism, sprain, arthritis, etc. There are various other leaves that are similar looking. It is important that we do not get deceived by such false looking leaves.

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