beat the heat

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Beat The Heat

Come summer and it's time to think of ways to beat the heat. Here are few innovative ways.
Take adequate rest
Have pool party
Hats all the way
Keep the makeup light
Wear light jewellary
Wear the right shoes
Shower and be cool
Carry a bottle of energy drink
Cool as a cucumber
Park your car in shade
Hill stations are calling you
Make your own frozen popsicles
Have green plants around you
Eat at regular intervals
Early morning Exercise
Sunglassses protect you
Carry an umbrella
Buy a Pedestal Fan
Eat cold fruit
Water Activities
Spice it up
Rehydrate often
Eat light
Use soft lighting
Take off your shoes
Keep doors and windows closed
Spritz yourself
Fan strategically
Dress right
Natural Airconditioner
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