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Azim Premji

Azim Hashim Premji is an Indian business tycoon and philanthropist.

Education quality is a gargantuan problem in our country, even as education access has been improving. The leading NGO Pratham has been publishing the Status of Education Report (ASER), a credible survey measuring educational outcomes in our country. As the 2012 report recounts In 2010 nationally, 46.3% of all children in Std. V could not read a Std. II level text. This proportion increased to 51.8% in 2011 and further to 53.2% in 2012. For Std. V children enrolled in government schools, the percentage of children unable to read Std. II level text has increased from 49.3% (2010) to 56.2% (2011) to 58.3% (2012)....In rural India as a whole, two years ago about two thirds of all children in Std. V could not do simple division. In 2012 this number is close to three fourths. On and on it goes, enumerating depressing statistics of falling educational outcomes.

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