ayurvedic medicine


Ayurvedic Medicine


Indian elecampane (E), Poharmool (H):

This hardy perennial is in the same family as Europe's elecampane (Inula helenium). Pushkaramoola literally means 'lotus root' and is a big-rooted, aromatic tonic with a specific affinity for the heart, lungs and digestive tract.

Heart Angina, heart pain, high blood pressure from high vata and kapha. All chest pain and heart disease from ischaemia. Human clinical trials have suggested that it acts like betablockers. Lungs Its hot, bitter and pungent qualities alleviate the congestion of pranavahasrotas in bronchitis and asthma with white and frothy mucus and a productive cough. It acts as an antispasmodic and helps to relieve wheezing. Also specifically recommended for pleurisy (prasavasu-la) and any type of damp, kapha lung problems (Astan. ga Hr.daya Samhita, Bhavaprakas´a). In colds with underlying vata and kapha (feeling cold, shivers, phlegm, aches in the muscles, loss of appetite) its upward and outward nature can help to induce a sweat, digest the ama and restore the digestive fire to the stomach. Digestion Its pungent, bitter flavour enkindles the appetite and can be used in low agni and malabsorption, which are the root causes of excessive phlegm. It is also used for general digestive discomfort, indigestion, flatulence, and sluggishness. Its strong aromatic nature opposes dampness, regulates samana vayu and fragrantly dries the watery residues. It also reduces ama and undigested toxins. Specifically recommended for hiccups as it regulates vata in the intestines and lungs. Gynaecology It is used to strengthen the flow of blood to the uterus and ease menstrual problems with underlying weakness and low strength. It can benefit dysmenorrhoea and amenorrhoea.

Vamsa Lochana
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