ayurvedic medicine

Krishna Jiraka

Ayurvedic Medicine

Krishna Jiraka

Black cumin (E), Love-in-the-mist (E), Kalonji (H):

These little black seeds are marvellous for calming and strengthening digestion. It is an effective destagnator of the lungs, uterus, channels and mind.

Digestion Black cumin has a specific affinity for purisavahasrotas and treats loose stool, diarrhoea, dysentery, bloating and gas. It also clears intestinal parasites. Lungs Asthma, cough, hayfever. Useful where there may be increased histamine release as it appears to have antiallergenic properties. Masses Clears tumours and masses. It contains ?-sitosterol, which has a specific anticarcinogenic activity acting on the breast (Tierra 1992, Duke 2004). It reduces toxic ama accumulations from all the dhatu. Gynaecology It clears kapha accumulations from the uterus, effectively treats dysmenorrhoea and an irregular menstrual cycle. It has a tonic effect on s´ukra and artava dhatu. It nourishes stanyavahasrotas and increases breast milk; use the seeds and oil. Liver Useful in congested liver, jaundice and poor fat metabolism. Its cleansing effect on ran˜jaka pitta can help in inflammatory eye disorders and pitta-type headaches that manifest with sharp pain at the vertex, temples and forehead. Nerves With a specific tonic effect on majja dhatu it directly calms the mind and is useful in nervous disorders. As a medhya herb it enhances the power of the brain and enhances clear thinking and concentration.

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