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Ayurvedic Medicine


Jasmine (E):

Jasmine flowers are very useful to help balance emotional disturbance and to alleviate anxiety. Considered to be a very sattvic flower, it opens the heart cakra and bestows a feeling of love upon the lucky imbiber.

Nerves Calms an irritated and 'hot' nervous system. Good for stress, 'burn out', insomnia and depression. It is best for pitta or kapha types of depression, tension or nervousness as its lightness can increase vata if used in excess. Gynaecology Jasmine has an affinity for rakta dhatu and it moves blood in the uterus; it is beneficial premenstrually for impending cramps and reducing clots. It circulates prana and apana vayu in the lower abdomen. Its bitterness and astringency are useful at treating excessive menstrual bleeding. It has a nourishing effect on ´sukra dhatu and is an effective aphrodisiac. Liver Its cooling, antibilious nature helps to regulate ran˜jaka pitta and heal the liver in hepatitis and cirrhosis. Blood Jasmine helps to reduce skin and mucous membrane inflammations in high pitta kapha imbalances via its blood cooling effect on rakta dhatu and bhrajaka pitta. External Washing the eyes with a cold infusion can relieve burning and irritation. The oil is good for the ears and hearing.

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