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Gotu Kola

Ayurvedic Medicine

Gotu Kola

Indian pennywort (E), Gotu kola (S), Kula kudi (H):

Manduka-parni refers to its leafshape resembling the webbed feet of a frog. The leaf also looks like the cerebellum and is one of the finest examples of the 'doctrine of signatures' as gotu kola is traditionally renowned for its intellectpromoting, nervous-system soothing and general mindenhancing properties.

Nerves In conditions of stress, insomnia, epilepsy, emotional turbulence; beneficial with pitta/vata aggravation. It relaxes the central nervous system. Useful in behavioural and developmental imbalances such as autism, Asperger's syndrome or ADHD. Mind Improves concentration, intelligence, memory and alertness. Used in Alzheimer's disease, senility, stroke, and to slow ageing as it benefits sadhaka pitta which promotes intellect. It nourishes majja dhatu and this protects the brain and by reducing 'stress' it prolongs life. Skin Gotu kola is a specific herb for inflammatory skin conditions: eczema, urticaria, acne, STDs. Gotu kola balances all three dosas and has wondrous effects on the skin and bhrajaka pitta. Very useful for hastening wound healing and reducing scars. The flavonoids act as circulatory stimulants that develop the blood vessels in the skin. It increases the rate of keratinisation of the skin, which helps to strengthen the outer protective layer of the body. This points to use in skin inflammation and cellulite. The saponin content acts as a cleansing and softening agent, the oligosaccharides are moisturising and the phytosterols are protective. It is useful in external applications for hair loss via its pitta-reducing effect. Joints Traditionally used for arthritis, gout and joint inflammation. This reflects its ability to clear toxins and inflammation.

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