ayurvedic medicine


Ayurvedic Medicine


White leadwort (E), Chita (H):

Chitraka means the 'spotted one', perhaps referring to its namesake, the spotted leopard, who speedily catches its prey just as chitraka rapidly cures diseases. It is also known as agni meaning 'fire' or jvala meaning 'flame'. It is a very hot-natured herb and should be used sparingly. It strongly increases the digestive fire.

Digestion Deficient digestion (mandagni) with flatulence and diarrhoea with cold signs of watery stools and aversion to cold due to excessive kapha and vata. Its solar quality absorbs water and dries excess fluids in the intestines. It kills parasites. It is used in haemorrhoids with congestion in the apanaksetra and is a specific for non-bleeding (vata-kapha) piles . It is a superb rasayana for agni assisting with absorption of nutrients and treating abdominal pain and bloating. Joints Specific for sīlesaka kapha and ama in the joints; cold, wet, damp type arthritis with pain, swelling, pitting and water retention . Nerves A depressed nervous system is stimulated by small amounts. It activates the movement of vata that is stagnated due to congestion of kapha or weakness. Respiratory Used in chronic and acute rhinitis from cold.

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