ayurvedic medicine


Ayurvedic Medicine


Psoralea fruit (E), Babchi (H), Bakuchi (H):

These little black seeds are famous for their use in chronic skin diseases. The outer cover of the seed is sticky and contains the therapeutically important coumarins.

Dermatology Benefits alopecia (as a tincture), psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo (as an oil or tincture); externally and internally (see notes below). The oil acts as an irritant, which stimulates the melanoblastic cells to create normal pigmentation. This can take about 3 months (Paranjpe 2001, Gogte 2002). Reproductive bakuchi is an aphrodisiac that can help to treat impotence and premature ejaculation. It benefits urinary dysfunction with dribbling, incomplete voiding, and enuresis in children. It can also benefit uterine bleeding with any doshic imbalance. Lungs Asthma caused by high vata is reduced by bakuchi's sweet and hot properties. Digestion Diarrhoea, borborygmus and abdominal pain caused by high vata and cold. Muscles Tonifies lower back, warms lower back ; good for high vata with spasmodic and chronic pain. Urine Frequent urination, incontinence; it strengthens the urinary sphincter (Benesky & Gamble 1993).

Pit Shirisha
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