awesome mental health resources

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Awesome Mental Health Resources

Keep this list of mental health resources handy whenever you need some backup.
51. Trevor Lifeline
For LGBTQ youth who need help grappling with urges to self-harm or thoughts of suicide, this number can literally be a lifeline. Available free of charge and at all hours, this number is manned by a trained staffer ready to field your call and let you open up about whatever issues youre facing. Not into phone calls? Text
52. Crisis Call Center
Another 24-hour helpline, this crisis call center gives Nevada residents support for emotional distress whatever the reason and connects them with resources throughout the state that they can take advantage of.
53. Alcoholics Anonymous
The granddaddy of support groups, AA has been helping alcoholics since 1935. Founded by two former drinking buddies, the program was loosely modeled on a popular religious movement bent on owning your errors, assessing your character, and making amends. Today it boasts over two million members worldwide and welcomes folks of any age and all political, ual, and gender orientations. No dues or fees required.
54. Al Anon
Sometimes the issue is not your drinking, but a friend's or family member's whose issues with alcohol have disrupted your life. Al-Anon supports individuals affected by others alcoholism and even offers a specialized program for teens (Alateen).
55. Cocaine Anonymous
Started in Los Angeles in 1982, Cocaine Anonymous counts around 30,000 members across the globe. Like its name implies, CA is modeled after the 12 steps and peer-support design of AA. People wrestling with addictions to other substances in addition to cocaine are also welcome to address that here. Meetings are free and open to all. The only requirement You want to stop using.
56. Crystal Meth Anonymous
Crystal Meth Anonymous was also born out of AA. After witnessing an upsurge of crystal meth addicts joining AA to get sober, one former addict began this offshoot in 1994. He figured meth addicts could benefit from a 12-step model, but they needed their own tailored version of support. Turns out, that hunch was right, as today you can find over 600 CMA meetings worldwide.
57. Dual Recovery Anonymous
Dual Recovery Anonymous offers a specialized 12-step program for folks grappling with chemical dependencies on top of emotional and psychological disorders. Similar to other 12-step peer support programs, the only requirement for entry is a desire to get sober and, in this case, a desire to manage your mood.
58. Gamblers Anonymous
The 12-step system doesnt just apply to substances. People who find themselves frequently in debt or otherwise stressed by excessive gambling habits have made good use of this support group. And it's no newcomer its been on the scene since 1957.
59. LifeRing
LifeRing doesnt involve any official
60. Marijuana Anonymous
Sure, pot is now legal in some states, but like other legal substances (ahem, alcohol) that doesnt mean it wont trigger addiction issues. If your tokes are getting in the way of your life, these national meetings can help bring back some balance.

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