awesome mental health resources

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Awesome Mental Health Resources

Keep this list of mental health resources handy whenever you need some backup.
31. National Eating Disorder Association of America
A pioneer in the education and treatment for eating disorders, NEDA extends a wide range of support services, learning tools, and opportunities to advocate on behalf of those with an eating disorder. You can also get involved with the association's sister program, Proud2BMe, and join a community geared toward promoting a healthier relationship with food and weight.
32. National Institute of Mental Health
One of the most comprehensive and trusted sources for information about mental illness, the National Institute of Mental Health's site is packed with educational tools designed to promote awareness and provide funding for research. It serves as a hub on a variety of topics the latest news on a range of disorders, updates on new treatments, and reports on insurance coverage. And yes, you can also search for support via NIMHs site as well.
33. OK2Talk
Designed for teens and young adults with mental illness, this site offers an online outlet for people to come forward with their own stories, find support, and discuss the diagnoses they may have received. OK2Talk comes with plenty of motivational posts and mantras as well. And one quick look at the site will tip you off that, whatever youre struggling with, youre most certainly not alone.
34. Stalking Resource Center
You probably already know that stalking is an extremely serious issue. But you may not know what type of help to seek if you or someone you know is a victim. Heres where the Stalking Resource Center can help. They present a number of options for anyone struggling with endless unwanted attention or obsessive behavior. From a brochure explaining what stalking is (and how to tell if youre being followed) to tips on developing a safety plan, this site should be the first stop for anyone in need of assistance.
35. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
This government-sponsored resource is chock-full of data, research insights, grants, and educational tools about substance dependencies and mood or behavioral issues. But SAMHSA also offers many resources for people suffering from these issues.
36. Trevor Space
Are you a young person seeking support for an identity that falls along the LGBTQ spectrum? This site, an endeavor sponsored by the Trevor Project, is an excellent safe haven to connect to other young gay, lesbian, biual, trans*, or queer people. Youll also pick up news about LGBTQ issues and get tips for joining in the community, wherever you live.
37. Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center
If you've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or you have a hunch you or a loved one may be displaying symptoms of BPD the social workers staffing the Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Centers hotline can arm you with all the information you need about local resources and provide immediate over-the-phone counseling.
38. National Suicide Prevention
With the primary aim of keeping you going even in the darkest of times, this suicide prevention hotline is available 24/7 to offer a compassionate ear no matter what youre dealing with. Pour your heart out to a skilled staffer without fear of being judged, and if youd like referrals to local mental health care services after your call, hotline representatives can set you up.
39. Disaster Distress
If youve recently been the victim of a disaster (whether caused by nature or man), this is your go-to contact for all things related to counseling and relief. The trained counselors staffing the Disaster Distress Hotline provide help to those suffering in the wake of hurricanes, floods, wildfires, droughts, and earthquakes as well as incidences of mass violence or health epidemics (like the Ebola crisis). The call center is also open to friends and family members of victims.
40. GLBT National
Need to talk to someone who gets it when it comes to coming out, being bullied for your ual orientation, or navigating same- relationships? Look no further than the GLBT National Help Line, run by peers and allies of the LGBTQ community. This hotline is ready to hear your concerns and can connect you to the GLBT National Help Centers massive list of resources for LGBTQ-friendly services and organizations near you.

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