awesome mental health resources

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Awesome Mental Health Resources

Keep this list of mental health resources handy whenever you need some backup.
11. PTSD Coach
If you suffer from PTSD symptoms, this 24-hour tool that's linked directly with support services is a valuable thing to download. Available as an app or on the Web, PTSD Coach lets users select the specific issue they want to deal with (from anxiety and anger to insomnia and alienation), and then gives them guidance on how to lift their mood, shift their mindset, and reduce stress.
12. Quit It
If youre a smoker, you probably already know all about the nasty health consequences. But it probably doesnt stop you from lighting up. But this app's approach is different. It shows you the hit your wallet takes every time you get another pack. Even better Quit It calculates how much money you save each time you dont smoke. Think of it as extra financial incentive to kick nicotine and tobacco (and save for something far better).
13. Quit Pro
Think of this as a fitness tracker for your smoking habit. By monitoring your cravings over time, the places you puff the most, the triggers that lead you to light up, and the money you save by resisting a cigarette, this comprehensive app is a much better thing to have in your back pocket than a pack of smokes.
14. SAM
How do you know whats pushing you over the edge and reel yourself back in? SAMs approach is to monitor anxious thoughts, track behavior over time, and use guided self-help exercises to discourage stress. SAM takes it to the next level by offering a
15. Step Away
A study funded by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that this pro-sobriety app helped reduce heavy drinking among users by 60 percent. Step Away offers tips on maintaining sobriety, encouragement, and strategies to avoid drinking during stressful times. Youll also be able to plug in your top drinking triggers to prepare yourself before facing down any tricky situation.
16. Stop Breathe Think
Got five minutes? Thats enough time to cultivate mindfulness, which can improve your mood, lower stress, and help you feel more compassion toward yourself and the world. Skeptical? Well, consider that mindfulness and happiness tend to go hand-in-hand. And as added incentive, this app can also improve your focus.
17. Stop Drinking
Relying on the powers of relaxation, visualization, and positive suggestions, this pro-sobriety app has the goal of calming your mind and geting it to a less stressed place where youll be less likely to crave a drink. Take advantage of the reminder feature that gives periodic chimes to prompt you to breathe and focus on the good throughout the day.
18. Stress and Anxiety Companion
Sure, we know that releasing negative thoughts, practicing relaxation techniques, and engaging in mindful awareness is good for our wellbeing. But that doesnt mean we actually do it. This app can help make the process a lot easier by guiding you through proven techniques to reduce those off-kilter thoughts and emotions while cultivating a much more present mindset. Additional features allow you to identify anxiety triggers to make sure they dont catch you off guard.
19. Talkspace
Bet you didnt think you could chat with a therapist for just $25 a week. Well, Talkspace makes that possible. For that low fee, you can text message with a trained professional everyday of the week and as many times as you want. They also offer services for individuals and couples. Oh, and the best part? You can do it from your couch.
20. Worry Watch
We all get anxious only to realize later our anxieties were overblown or irrational. The idea behind Worry Watch is to nip these moments in the bud. This app enables users to track what kick starts their anxiety, note trends in their feelings, observe when the outcomes were harmless, and keep tabs on insights to stop future freakouts. To lower your anxiety even further, Worry Watch is password protected so whatever you divulge in the diary feature is safe and sound.

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