annoying habits you should avoid doing in public

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Blowing your gum

Annoying Habits You Should Avoid Doing in Public

Annoying Habits You Should Avoid Doing in Public
Blowing your gum

Chewing gum or blowing gum can be a really bad idea, especially in public. Some people simply cant resist the idea of blowing out the gum. Avoid blowing gum, or better, chewing gum altogether in public setting, like school, work, bus, restaurant et al. But if your life is absolutely incompletely without chewing the gum, then kindly do it in your home.

Bad Breath
Making lot of noises while you eat
Mind what you say
Blowing your gum
Too Much Skin on the Pole
Eating McDonalds on the train
Trimming or filing nails in public
Sitting too Close
Sprawled out People
Talking to Others Too Much
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