amazing staircases around the world

Selarons Stairs Rio de Janeiro

Amazing Staircases Around the World

Amazing Staircases Around the World
Selarons Stairs Rio de Janeiro

This Brazilian masterpiece in Rio is the work of Chilean born artist Jorge Selaron who considers it as a personal tribute to the Brazilian people. Selarons Stairs, a mosaic staircase made from vibrant yellow, green and blue tiles inspired by the Brazilian flag, connects the neighbourhoods of Santa Teresa and Lapa. The staircase consists of 250 steps and measures 125m long. Selaron began work on the stairway in 1990, creating a constantly evolving piece of art, which now has over 2,000 brightly coloured tiles collected from over 60 countries. The 65 year old claims this crazy and unique dream will only end on the day of my death.

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