amazing rangoli designs and patterns

Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns

31. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 31
The use of white and bright bold colours makes this rangoli design stand out. Diyasas well as a big panchpradipin the center makes this rangoli suitable for all festivals and formal events like inaugurations.
32. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 32
See how big this rangoli is? The design is quite simple but the plus point is its huge size. It can besurely done if you have a large open space.
33. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 33
If you thought the last one was huge, just take a look at this one. Its humongous. Doing a Rangoli of this size takes time as well as the skill of many artists. You may try the patterns in smaller sizes at home. It can be done on any occasion.
34. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 34
This Rangoli design is suitable for Holi. Rangoli celebrates the colour that is exactly what Holi stands for. Is there any better way to celebrate Holi than doing a rangoli at home? This one is perfect for the occasion.
35. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 35
This is another rangoli design you can try on Diwali. It is very beautiful withdiyasdrawn on it and the Om in thecenteralso makes this unique and suitable for Hindu festivals.
36. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 36
This is one of the best rangoli design. This design is complex and many colours are used. This magnificent creation is done using flower petals, which adds colour and the illusion of shading.
37. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 37
A small yet beautiful rangoli design. We love howdiyasand roses are used in thecenterto give this a nice touch.
38. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 38
This one is quite unique in respect to the design weusuallysee. The Om design in thecentermakes it applicable for all kinds of religious celebrations. There are very minute details which also make this a very beautiful Rangoli design.
39. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 39
Now this one is a very vibrant Rangoli. With blue, yellow and orangecoloursbeing usedthis is surely a colorful way to decorate your home. There are fine details which makes it beautiful.
40. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 40
Heres another floral rangoli. The very small details and the flower pattern in thecenterare sure to capture attention.

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