amazing rangoli designs and patterns

Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns

21. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 21
This rangoli is made using different floral designs and shapes. Thecoloursare well
22. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 22
Another vibrant peacock design for your festiverangoli. This one is unique for its use of boldcolourswhich will attract attention easily. This design is also done with minute details making it a perfect choice for the festive season.
23. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 23
A beautiful floralrangolifor all of you to try at home. Its quite easy to achieve and will brighten up the whole mood of the house. This is fit for any kind of celebration, be it wedding or a religious festival.
24. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 24
This rangoli design from Tamil Nadu, where it is called Kolam, this is suitable for festivals celebrated in the state like Onam. The contrasting colors used like green, blue and yellow makes it beautiful.
25. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 25
This Kolam or rangoli is another good option for Onam and other similar religious celebration in South of India. The bright blue and pink combo makes this a great choice. Also the geometric shapes used in the design makes it an easy choice for those who are new to this art.
26. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 26
This kolam or Rangoli shows that a person with great skills can create it. This is intricate
27. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 27
This design is a masterpiececreated by expert Rangoli makers. The bright shades as well as the minute details of this rangoli make this a sure winner.
28. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 28
Another festive rangoli design for you. This one is also a verycolourfulone with bright pink and blue shades being used. The design also has peacock motifs.
29. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 29
The bright green shade used for thisrangolidesign makes this look even more beautiful. With bright shades and geometric designs, this one will surely make your guests go wow.
30. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 30
This rangoli design shows how to use flower petals to create beautiful shapes. Thediyasat each end of the design also add up to the beautifulrangolipattern and make it apt for Diwali.

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