amazing nail art designs for beginners with styling tips

Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners With Styling Tips

1. Alternate the Colours
Alternating nail polish colors on each finger or painting each finger with a different color is sure to grab attention. It is simple and needs very less effort.
2. Use Effect Polishes
There are several effect nail polishes available in the market like Crackle effect, Croc effect, Magnetic effect, Colour changing polishes etc. You can easily use them for a quick and a different nail look.
3. Water Decals or Nail Stickers or Nail Wraps
There are several ready to use nail art designs available in market like Water decals, Nail stickers and full nail wraps. Instructions for applying these are generally mentioned on them and are quite easy for beginners.
4. Dotting Manicure
It is the easiest and let say first step towards free hand nail art design. Dots look simple and elegant. You can start by drawing dots on your nails to make flowers.
5. Stripes Nail Art Design
Stripes look very attractive on nails. To create stripes, you need a nail art striper pen or you can even create stripes using a thin brush.
6. Simple Flower Nail Art Design
Flowers can be created by connecting the Dots mentioned above.
7. Animal Prints
Animal prints like zebra, leopard are very easy to do and look very cute on your nails.
8. Rhinestones Nail Art
Adding some bling to your nails is very easy. Rhinestones are perfect for a party look.
9. Cartoon Nail Art Design
Just use a stick and contrasting colours to get this design. Follow the instructions here for this simple Nail Art design.
10. Newspaper Nail Art Design
This nail paint is easier than it looks. Follow the instructions for this newspaper nail art tutorial here.

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