amazing embroidery designs

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Get the Autumn Pumpkin design

Amazing Embroidery Designs

Get the Autumn Pumpkin design

Although technically an applique design, Pumpkin Harvest (above left) is easy to create. Wool edges finish beautifully with blanket stitches. If crewel work appeals to you, try the Jacobean Leaves pattern (above right). It includes instructions on making a pillow cushion.

Get the Autumn Pumpkin design
Get the Pumpkin Harvest design
Get the Sunflower Applique design
Get the Autumn Hootie design
Get the Scarecrow Flameless Tealight design
Paper piecing
Get the Rustling Leaves designs
Cross stitch
Get the Crows In the Hoop Mug Rug design
Get the Fall Pumpkin Cross Stitch design
Machine embroidery
Get the Forever Autumn design
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