amazing dances from around the world

The Barong of Indonesia

Amazing Dances From Around The World

Dance is an art form that is amazing to look at so here are amazing dances from around the world.
The Barong of Indonesia
We could not resist including this unique form of dance from Indonesia, Barong just like Kathakali in India is another story telling dance that demonstrates the fight between the good and evil. Barong is believed to be a lion like creature in the mythology of Indonesian culture specifically Bali region. The leader of the good, Barong, battles against the enemy Rangda who is considered as the demon queen and mother of spirit guarders. The dance initially begins with a peaceful environment but soon is followed by the Keris Dance where Rangda appears and cast a black magic on the men of Erlangga, the king of Bali. The dance ends with a fight between Barong and Rangda where Rangda runs, depicting that good always wins over evil. The masks of Barong and Rangda are considered scared and thus are worshipped before being used in the dance. Barong is an extremely dangerous form of dancing as somebody can die or get injured during the dance. This dance is a beautiful blend of bravado, mythology and art.

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