amazing dances from around the world

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Amazing Dances From Around The World

Dance is an art form that is amazing to look at so here are amazing dances from around the world.
1. Kekak Trance Dance
This Indonesian dance was originally performed in order to communicate with ancestral spirits, but has since then been interwoven with the Indian epic known as the Ramayana.
2. Tango
Tango is an Argentinean dance known to be one of the most difficult to master. Nevertheless, it never fails to amaze each time is performed.
3. Capoiera
A Brazilian half dance, half martial arts; Capoiera can be described as astounding, astonishing and fascinating, among others adjectives.
4. Celestial Dance
This Cambodian dance enacts the sagas that have been in the country for thousands of years. It was even carved into some parts of the Angkor Wat.
5. Aerial Dance
Aerial Dance is an interesting form of expression that involves getting attached to the ceiling, thus letting performers explore space in three-dimensions.
6. Ballet
Known for its beauty and grance; Ballet is a dance which originated during the Italian Renaissance courts in the 15th century. Later on, it developed into a concert dance.
7. Belly Dance
This dance is also known as Raqs Sharqi and is traditionally a solo dance done by women. This Middle Eastern dance was taught within families and performed during celebrations.
8. Break Dance
Also known as B-boying ; This athletic and extremely visual solo dance form originated among African American and Puerto Rican youths in New York City during the early 1970s.
9. Flamenco
Flamenco is an expressive dance which was originally developed from the songs of Andalucia in Spain, wherein it expressed both the blessings as well as hardships of daily life.
10. Bharata Natyam
Bharata Natyam was developed over centuries in the temples in Southern India. It was handed down as a living tradition from one generation to the next under the Devadasi system, wherein women were dedicated in serving the deity as dancers and musicians.

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