amazing dances from around the world

The Yoruba dance from Nigeria

Amazing Dances From Around The World

Dance is an art form that is amazing to look at so here are amazing dances from around the world.
The Yoruba dance from Nigeria
We started with the belief that dance is a part of everyday life, that where there is rhythm there is dance too and none illustrates it better than the tribes of Nigeria where dance and signing is as important as food for sustenance. Even before the babies are born, the rhythm and movements are ingrained in their DNA patterns, the mother and father alike celebrate every moment of existence with song and dance. The Yoruba Dance in particular is danced in colorful costumes and backed by catchy drums to set the beat. The movements are mostly restricted to the hips and characterized by a posture that mimics sitting. Beautiful to watch, the Yoruba dance demonstrates the sensibilities of the Nigerians, that are attuned to believe that celebration does not need an occasion, every moment can be celebrated and enjoyed if you understand its purpose.

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The Yoruba dance from Nigeria
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