adventure activities

Adventure Activities

1. Refreshing your senses Water Sports
One of the most popular activities that people from all over the world look forward to here is undoubtedly rafting. Similarly, kayaking has also gained recognition over time. Although similar to rafting, kayaking is not a team sport and comparatively requires more skill to paddle and maintain the balance as you make your way through flat water and river rapids. The flow of water and rapids determines the difficulty level. So whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can choose the level according to your ability and enjoy.
2. Slithering on white slopes Skiing
Every year Uttarakhand sees a rise in tourists who throng the place to satiate their adventurous spirit, and out of the many stimulating activities, skiing is certainly one. It won t be wrong to say that the state is a paradise for ski lovers, because of its vast expanse of snow laden slopes providing a wonderful skiing opportunity during winters. In addition, the skiing destinations are facilitated with modern equipments and also have on offer relevant training courses.
3. On a long ride with nature Mountain Biking
Those who have been on mountain biking expeditions know what thrill and excitement others are missing out on. Uttarakhand, being endowed with ideal landscapes for mountain biking, attracts interested tourists to the state every year. The idea of discovering picturesque landscapes while biking through steep slopes and rocky terrains is enough to give anybody bouts of excitement. All in all, it is an exhilarating venture that adventurers crave for.
4. Exploring nature on foot Trekking
Trekking is a widely loved activity, and Uttarakhand offers a plethora of trekking routes for enthusiasts. From easy trails for beginners to the tough ones for experts, there are routes catering to the preferences of every tourist. Moreover, there is no denying that Uttarakhand is a pot pourri of natural splendour, and trekking allows you to explore some beautiful offbeat locales yet to be unearthed. No wonder it is a much sought after destination for trekkers, and every year they can be seen flocking the state at large!
5. Experiencing bird s eye view Paragliding
Wish you could literally fly? Then why not hop in for a paragliding experience? This recreational sport is an incredible way of letting go of all the worries and simply enjoying the moment flying high. Soaking in the exquisiteness of hills, lush valleys and nature while you indulge in this joyful ride, is surely breathtaking and should not be missed out when here. Apart from that, if you yearn to get trained, then Uttarakhand s paragliding organizations and clubs also conduct suitable courses for those interested.
6. Into the dense forests Safari
The beauty of Uttarakhand is not just limited to its shrines and monuments, but the land is also home to many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. So when it comes to exploring the state s wildlife diversity, what can be better than opting for safaris and jungle tours? Tourists make the best use of wildlife tour packages to catch a glimpse of tigers, deer, bears, kites and various other species of birds, animals and mammals. Such tours usually include jeep safaris, elephant safaris and offer an exciting journey into the wild.???",6.jpg,Adventure Activities 3971,Delighting in the fun Camping,Adventure seekers, pack your bags because it s no good to leave Uttarakhand without camping in its unspoiled environment, close to nature and tranquillity. Away from our hectic lives, there are various camping destinations here offering varieties from leisure camping to jungle camping to camping at high altitude and more. In combination, camping packages in general also include other recreational activities like nature walks, safaris, riverside trekking, that altogether make for a great adventurous getaway.
7. Making the most of your strength Rock Climbing Rappelling
Rock climbing is a strenuous activity, and it s a pre requisite to know the techniques before indulging in it. The same is true for rappelling, even though it may seem easier to descent off from a cliff. They are a source of great workout, and adventure lovers and fitness buffs swear by these. In Uttarakhand, there are many mountaineering institutes and travel clubs that offer packages comprising these activities.
8. Hold thy breath Bungee Jumping and Giant Swing
The thought of bungee jumping and giant swing alone can give us goose bumps, for these sports are certainly not for the faint hearted. While bungee jumping is free falling from a high structure, giant swing is taking a leap from similar heights and swinging in the air. The experience, although sounds terrifying, is in every way worth it. However, if you are suffering from health issues like high/low blood pressure, heart problems, asthma, etc, do not attempt it blindly, and make it a point to discuss with your instructors first.
9. Flying like a Superhero Zip line activity
Those who may be in a fix of whether or not to attempt bungee jump or dare to do giant swing, may try zip line activities. In some of these, you sit on a harness or sky walk, while in others like flying fox in Rishikesh, you are strapped up in a flying suit and sent zippingla superhero. Flying over rivers and forests while enjoying the gorgeous view ? needless to say, zip line activity should make it on your list of things to do here.

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