101 traps and puzzles

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Traps and Puzzles

Eyeing for the perfect trap, puzzle or tricks to keep your friends eventful.
The characters enter another gallery full of paintings. The door out is locked and unpassable, but is interesting in that it seems to have a strange mesh quality to it. How do they get out? There is a letter written on the back of each of the paintings, and when they're combined (and de-jumbled) and the password is spoken aloud, the door opens. You can make it something really cheesy like "open sesame" or even go for full words on the backs of the paintings and require them to put together a sentence that could even be a hint to another puzzle further on (lots of people learn by doing).

A pit trap opens beneath a character and then seals overhead as it triggers locks on all doors in or out of the room. Inside the trap and in the room are a series of switches that do things like fill the opposite space (pit trap or room above it) with water or release sleeping gas or fill the room with arcing lightning- those sort of fun things that can be combined to create a really hairy situation (like a flood of gasoline and later a fireball) Luckily the switches are on/off toggles, even though the machinery is old and might take a moment or two to respond. There's also one switch that opens the doors, but both have to be turned to "on" to work.

Create a fun trap that will catch stragglers- a good example would be an L-shaped hallway with a door at both ends and the floor covered with about three inches of gasoline. As soon as the door in the boot of the L is opened, the opposite door sinks into the ground five feet, revealing a large flame thrower that toasts anything in the long part of the hallway and lights the gasoline on fire. Whoever opened the door and anyone else with him/her better beat feet fast, and hope everyone else that caught the brunt of the fire made it out okay.

The characters walk into a room that's filled with a misty red haze and there's a noticeably odd iron tang to the air. You can put things hiding in the mist, but the presence of the mist alone should be enough to mess with the characters. Later (like a room or two down the line, they walk into a room, the doors close (they don't have to lock) and with a crackle and hum of electricity, a hyper sensitive electromagnet that covers the whole ceiling comes alive. This will of course grab weapons, armor, anything magnetic- including items not properly cleaned after the red mist room. Next, the room begins to fill with water (or something else- it depends how nasty you want to be.) There's a drain on the other side of either door though, so if they can get free before they drown, there's still hope of escape.

The characters walk into a hallway filled with rushing air enchanted to extinguish any light sources, so they have to stumble around in the dark. This leads to a large room that is likewise enchanted, but unwittingly stepping on a pressure plate in this room disables the enchantment and triggers a cache of 50 coins each enchanted with a very bright continual light spell to drop from the ceiling. The combined light of player's light sources and the coins is blinding- especially combined with the fact that the entire room has been covered in mirrors... Add monsters that leap out and jump on blinded players as you see fit.

A room with a number of sealed glass insets and a locked, impassable door with the note "In case of fire, break glass" pinned to it. Most of the glass boxes are filled with Halon gas, which blasts out and chokes the characters exposed to it (or you could put in something worse) and one of the insets opens the door (or maybe just floods the room, if the door turns out to be a dud in your scheme of things.)

The characters enter a room and suddenly steel walls fall from the ceiling and separate them, creating individual hallways from which there appears to be no escape. The walls should be soundproof too. As soon as the character looks away or gets desperate, someone appears who he/she loves or really trusts, and this someone tries to keep them there by any means necessary. Add rising water or heat or other deadly panic-inducers for extra fun. How to get out? Work up the nerve to attack and kill the illusory person.

A locked, impassable door that, when touched, beeps and says "Password please." nearby is a large, onyx pyramid on a pedestal that, when touched, steals the spirit of the person who touched it and randomly injects the spirit of one of it's other captives into the vacant body. One of these souls knows the password, and a number of them are violent, insane, or previous adventurers with their own agendas who wont be too keen on giving up the body they're in.

A large, unpassable door that wont budge. On either side of the door, two to a side, are four long, flexible copper wires that are rolled up. Also in the room are a number of fruit trees, including oranges and grapes, and a number of clay pots. The trick to get through is to make four primitive batteries to power the door by filling pots with acidic fruit juice and putting the copper wires in them.

Another room where the door closes behind the characters and becomes impassable. There are no other visible doors, and the room is starting to flood. The trick to get out? A concealed trap door on the ceiling that can only be reached by swimming as the room fills...

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