101 traps and puzzles

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Traps and Puzzles

Eyeing for the perfect trap, puzzle or tricks to keep your friends eventful.
The players find an important door they have to go through, but a massive pillar has fallen directly into it, jamming it and blocking the way.

A room with another smaller room inside of it. Blood and gore has seeped out through the door of the smaller room and soaked the floor. If the players go inside, they find a sickeningly macabre scene of dismembered corpses- then the door locks, and the walls (or the ceiling) sprout knives and start to move.

The players find a music box in some random part of the dungeon/facility. It plays a simple tune. Later (how much later is up to you) they come across an impassable door filled with holes about the size of a dagger blade. When a dagger is inserted into a hole, it makes a specific and unique tone. The door is a sound-based lock- play the song from the music box to open the door.

An impassable door in a room with a large monolith in it. On the face of the monolyth are glowing runes that are each a different color and shine their light across the face of the door. What opens the door is up to you- maybe the characters have to cover up a key rune word to open the door, or maybe they have to cover all the runes but those that make the word, or maybe they need to create a certain color (or series of colors, as with multiple locks) in order to open the door.

A living door with a face greets the characters as they come into the room. He doesn't want to let them through, but if they persist, then he says he requires a living sacrifice. If they try to get through anyway, he chooses one of them at random and traps them in a constricting magic jar. He can be persuaded to let his target go, but only at a steeper price. If they pay the price, he lets them through.

A normal-looking room with some decent furniture in it (a couch, a coffee table, several easy chairs, a bookcase, a clock, etc.) There's also a water fountain and a bowl of fruit on the table. When they go inside, the door locks behind them and becomes impassable. (As the other door already is.) How to get out? The clock on the wall is open and magical- turning it advances time (or reverses it) in the room, but only on the objects in the room (and the doors). They can reverse it to reopen the first door, or they can push it forward until the doors rot away and fall off the hinges. (Or open automatically- something like that)

The players enter a gallery of odd looking paintings, and both doors close and lock. If anyone pauses to look at the paintings, they feel themselves drawn into them like they could just step forward and be in that realm. If they try, they get sucked into the painting and must deal with the denizens thereof (fight a knight, fight a creature made of clocks, be subject to the world of "The Scream".) The key is in one of these painting worlds.

The players walk into a room just in time to see a man with a jackal's head (Anubis) confront a man who looks like another adventurer. He says "Only he whose heart is so pure that it weighs less than a feather may pass to the other side. Show me your chest so that I might judge." The adventurer does so, and Anubis reaches out and removes his heart, then weighs it, and finding it weighs more than a feather, he hucks the heart into the mouth of a nearby crocodile and the adventurer dies on the spot. Anubis then looks at the characters and repeats his first line. In truth, the whole thing is illusion, but the shock of having one's heart devoured as such is enough to kill a character.

The characters walk into a room with a door at the other end. The room is empty, and the door is locked, but whoever tries to open the door triggers a trap that opens the floor beneath him/her and he/she falls into a shallow pit for minimal damage (mostly just surprised.) If they find a way to get past the door, they find that it's just for show- it's just stone on the other side. The real door out is a trap door at the bottom of the pit.

The characters enter a room with a locked door and a dome of glass overhead through which they can see sky. Put the key somewhere really obvious to unnerve them- like on a hook next to the door. The real trick is if they break the glass on the dome, the sky illusion shatters too, and an underground lake (previously held back by the dome) pours into the room/dungeon/facility through the hole. You can also make the door more complex to really put an edge on things and give the characters additional reason to break the dome.

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